What I Think About Mocha Uson And Why She Doesn't Matter

I've already lost count of how many people asked my opinion about Mocha over the past few days and so, here it is:

I don't know and I don't care.

I shut her out months ago in the same way that I just shut out people whom I think aren't worth my time and attention. 

If you think of Facebook as some sort of television, then it is a television with nearly two billion channels (that's the total estimated number of Facebook accounts and Facebook pages combined) and Mocha is just one of those channels.

The solution to being annoyed by Mocha's posts or the supposed harm she does is simple: Switch channels, focus on something else.

Better yet, do yourself the favor of unfollowing, unliking, unfriending, and blocking people whose posts you don't like.

But if that just doesn't do it for you, maybe your the sort of person who will write a 1,000 word status update about unfollowing, unliking, unfriending, and blocking that person. The status update will probably say that things like she's satan, the devil incarnate, a disease wrapped in human flesh, or whatever else you can think of.

Then to make sure your friends know about it, you tag as many of them as you can and even send them private messages to make sure you get their attention. 

Heck! Why stop at that? You may think that THAT stuff is for amateurs and it's time for you to level up. Bring out the big guns and do what the pros do!

Enlist your friends and fans in a campaign to friend strangers on Facebook and post the link of your status update against Mocha on their wall if you can or post your link as a comment on one of their posts. Get inside all the Facebook groups to post the link there and have your friends keep bumping the post up.

But why stop there? Go balls to the wall! Go nuclear! Set up a website so that you can tell people outside of Facebook why Mocha Uson should be stopped at all costs! Create a petition on Change.Org then set it up to automatically email people in government whenever someone signs it.

Promote it on Facebook! Pay for Google Ads! Hire people to do the same thing you are doing and have them work in shifts 24/7! Pay celebrities and former celebrities to join in your campaign. Go on radio, get the newspapers to publish a story of how your campaign is going "viral"...

If you have P10 million pesos lying around, launch a full blown PR and Social Media campaign aimed at demolishing Mocha Uson completely. 

Or... You can spend a fraction of that to go and see a shrink or spend even less than that to go out and buy a friend (if you have one who cares) a drink so that you can talk about how Mocha Uson is ruining the world.


A couple of years ago, people said that social media would be ruined by marketing and it is.

This thing about Mocha Uson and other social media phenoms are the product of intense marketing activities. 

If you're the sort of person that likes to yell at commercials, tell me so that I can block you.

Otherwise, check the filter settings of your social media account and change it to show you only things that you like. Better yet, turn off your laptop or put down your phone and set your eyes on the real world in front of you.

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