#Escalator #Etiquette Walk on the Left, Stand on the Right

Honestly, I really don't know why people still have to be taught to stand either on the left or right of an escalator so that others who wish to walk up can do so without being blocked. 

I first noticed a rather quiet campaign to get people to adopt this etiquette at Robinson's Magnolia but it seems SM Aura took it on in a big way. I haven't noticed anything from Ayala malls, but I guess they won't be far behind.

I'm rather glad it's spreading on social media too. Search stats on Facebook say that around 38,000 were talking about escalator girl and around 28,000 were talking about escalator etiquette.

At the head of those spreading word on #escalator #etiquette were websites like When In Manila, Scout Mag Philippines and We The Public. A Duterte inspired Facebook Page "Kasama ng Pangulo Sa Pagbabago" (28,000 followers/likes) also put out word of SM Aura's campaign.

Perhaps most notable among the stuff being spread on social media is a Facebook status update posted by Johan Amata which, by the looks of it, has gone viral with 19,000 likes, 2,100 comments, and 488 shares.

We may be a third world country but we can't be so poor that we cannot afford manners. :-)
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